Best Features Of Web Hosting

Web hosting is a critical foundation for any website, whether it’s a personal blog, an e-commerce site, or a business portal. Let’s explore some of the best features you should consider when choosing a web hosting service: 20 Best Features Of Web Hosting Let’s break down each aspect for hosting quality checking: By assessing these … Read more

Add a new portfolio project | Upwork

Project title: (max 70 characters)A descriptive title with keywords Your role: (optional) (max 100 characters)Front End Developer, Full Stack Developer, Designer, Accountant Project description: (max 600 characters)Briefly describe the project’s goals, your solution and the impact you made here Skills and deliverables: (max 5 skills)Type to add skills relevant to this project Related Upwork job: … Read more

All About PHP

PHP is a Scripting Language, specially for Web Development. Difference between Scripting Language and Programming Language Scripting Language Programming Language Need Interpreter (executing sets of instructions) Need Compiler (compile into machine code first) All scripting languages are programming languages, but not all programming languages are scripting languages Difference between scripting language and programming language data … Read more