Sujon Kumar Dey

Full Stack Web Developer
BTEB - LEVEL 4 Certified

Top Rated on UPWORK

Web Team Lead at CodersTrust Bangladesh
Trainer at Enhancing Digital Government and Economy (EDGE Project)
Master Trainer at Her Power Project
Former WordPress Developer at
Creative System Ltd.
Former Trainer at
Creative Shaper
Learning & Earning Development Project (LEDP)
SR Institute of Design

I am Sujon . Fast, Responsible, Certified, and Experienced Web Developer, WordPress Expert & also experienced in Digital Marketing. I’m passionate to learn new technology and also love to share knowledge with new learners.
I have completed B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering and Diploma Engineering in Telecommunication Technology.

Hey, I'm Sujon Kumar Dey

I love to learn, teach and grab new expereinces

Hey, I'm Sujon Kumar Dey

I'm worked with

“I have had the opportunity to engage directly and, sometimes, indirectly with prominent organizations in Bangladesh. On certain occasions, my involvement was through organizations like CodersTrust Bangladesh.”

All I know about​

Front End Development

(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap)


(Popular Theme & Plugin Customization. Theme Development)

Laravel Application Development

(Ecommerce and Blog Application)


(Basic SEO, Google Adsense, Blogging)

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Sujon Kumar Dey is a Certified Full Stack Web Developer. He is work as a developer, freelancer, mentor, trainer as well as an entrepreneur. He is a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork, Rising talent on Fiverr, also doing remote jobs,  some international projects, local projects too. According to Upwork, Sujon is in the top 10% of talent on the platform.

Yes, Sujon Kumar Dey is a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork. He also doing work on Fiverr. He also give services to some reputatable international agency.

Yes, Sujon Kumar Dey is a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork. 

Yes, Sujon Kumar Dey is a Mentor and Trainer of some reputable IT companies. Like ICT Division, CodersTrust Bangladesh, Creative Shaper, SR Institute of Design and so on.