WordPress Developer Jobs

WordPress Developer still now most popular CMS in the World. It has almost 1 million popular websites. So we can say 35% of most popular websites are using WordPress as their CMS. So nowadays, WordPress becomes more popular and it’s increasing the demand for WordPress Developer.

We will find out How many jobs are available for WordPress Developers with Various platforms.

So let’s go.

Freelance WordPress Developer

Are you want to be a Freelancer?  WordPress will be the best platform if you want to make your career as a Freelancer. Question why?

Let’s see how many jobs are available in Freelancing marketplaces.

Here we show only two marketplaces, one is Upwork and another Freelancer.

See that freelancer.com have 595 job post recently.

Then Find out it with Upwork

Are you see ?? That’s 18,870 WordPress jobs available in Upwork now. It’s sometimes increasing and sometimes downs.

Junior WordPress Developer

There is also a WordPress Developers job for non-experienced developers or beginners.  These types of jobs are mainly known as Junior WordPress Developer. If you start, then you can search for Junior WordPress Developer jobs on google. Google will show Junior WordPress Developer jobs near you.

Here you see that 64 Junior WordPress Developers jobs are showing from indeed in USA Location.

WordPress Developer Jobs

If you want to do jobs as a WordPress developer in several companies. It’s also possible. And it’s also available with a good salary.  And if you check the average salary of WordPress developers in the USA is $68,250. 

Hope you understand the WordPress developer demand.

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