Laravel VS WordPress

Laravel is a Framework of PHP language, Otherside WordPress is a CMS, and the Core of WordPress is also made with PHP. Many times, we didn’t understand which one is best, or where should I go, it should Laravel or WordPress, it’s like a competition between Laravel vs WordPress we made.

Laravel: Short Overview

Laravel is a PHP framework. Framework means like a toolbox, common things are ready in the framework. Also, the framework follows the MVC pattern, that’s why a framework is secure and easy to start for a project. Laravel is becoming popular day by day, most of the time web application developers prefer Laravel for their web applications.

WordPress: Short Overview

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, 43% website in the world is made with WordPress. This WordPress is also made with PHP language. Day by day, WordPress also becoming more popular.

Difference between Laravel and WordPress



Laravel is a Framework.

WordPress is not a framework, It's a CMS.

Laravel work with MVC pattern, mean it's work with Module, View, Controller. 

WordPress is work with Plugin based architecture. 

Laravel is complex compare with WordPress.

WordPress is very easy, compare to Laravel.

For work with Laravel, coding, programming knowledge require.

For work with WordPress, coding, programming knowledge not mandatory. 

Laravel is not good for small type website, like a corporate website, small blogsite. 

WordPress best for small type website in any category.

For shortest development time, laravel will be not suitable. 

WordPress is best for short time development.

Laravel is not a low budget work.

WordPress can be a good choice for low budget work.

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