Essential Software for Web Design Learning

Web design is trendy skill. Modern world growing with Internet, and ensuring presence in internet we must need a website. But for design a website we need to learn it. Web design fundamental learning stage will start with several simple topic like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. For starting learning those topic, we need some software. Here I listed some of them.

Code Editor

Notepad++ Download

Visual Studio Code Download


Gofullpage (Extension for Google Chrome) Download

Lightshot Download

Screen Recorder

FastStone Recorder Download | Buy Full Version

File zip or extract

Winrar Download


This pixie free software allows you to easily pick colors from your screen and get their RGB, HEX, HSV, and CMYK values. It also includes a few other handy features, such as a color wheel and a color palette.

For copy color code just open the software and select the pixel which color you want to copy, and then press CTRL+ALT+C


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