WordPress website speed optimization 2024

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. According to WordPress Official Website, 43% of websites in World Wide are created in WordPress. So no confusion that a big number of website is running with WordPress, and also their website is not Speed Optimized.

Now the question What is the speed? And What is speed optimization?

Speed – What is the speed?

For a website, speed means how fast a website is loading. If a website load very fast, and it takes a small time to load, then we tell that the website speed is fast, other hand if the website load slowly, and takes a huge time to load, then we call the website speed slow.

Speed Optimization – What is speed optimization?

The way to decrease loading time of a website is called speed optimization. When we want to increase the speed of a slow website, we follow some steps, techniques, or tricks, all this way is called Speed Optimization.

Now the question, what do they face without WordPress Speed Optimization?

The first point ?? Lacking of Speed Optimization makes your website become slow.

And A Slow website facing ❌ ❌

  • Bounce rate high
  • Low ranking in Organic Search
  • Lost visitor/traffic
  • Transection smooth difficulty
  • Lost sells
  • Lost Revenue
  • Lost Returning Visitor
  • Functionality Not working Properly and more….

And A Fast website ✅ ✅

  • Low Bounce rate
  • Good ranking in Organic Search
  • Increase visitor/traffic
  • Smooth transection
  • Increase sells
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase Returning Visitor
  • All thing works properly

Page Speed in SEO

Fastest page speed is best for SEO, because slow website increase the bounce rate. And high bounce rate is reduce the SEO score, so it’s down the ranking.

Way to Check Website Speed

There are several tools to check website speed. Some of the popular tools:

PageSpeed Insights Tool

Using Google Developer Tool – PageSpeed Insights
Some people also called it Google PSI
✅✅✅ Recommended

GTmetrix Tool

Using GTmetrix

For speed checking, you can go to those websites and write your website URLs, then click the test. You can see the result. Now we will discuss the speed optimization technique in with some effective way.

Reason for slow website

Bad web hosting – ram low, processor quality, bad data center
Big Page size
Big image
Theme quality
Plugin quality
External resource

Best Way to Optimize WordPress Site

  • Use a Good Hosting
  • Speedy WordPress Theme
  • Speedy WordPress Plugin
  • If one plugin can do two work, and you need these two work, use this single plugin. Don’t use different plugins for each work.
  • Use optimized image
  • Use CDN

You should:

  • TAKE BACUP OF .htaccess

Let’s start Speed Optimization:

Basic step for WordPress Speed Optimization

  • Remove Unnecessary Pages
  • Remove Unnecessary Posts
  • Remove Unnecessary Comments
  • Remove Unnecessary Plugins
  • Remove Unnecessary Themes
  • Remove Unnecessary Media Files
  • Remove Unnecessary Menus

WordPress Speed Optimization Technique in CPANEL (IF YOU HAVE)

✅ Use Genuine CPANEL

Check Hosting Performance

Monitor Website using Website Monitor Tool
Freshping Tool

WP Server Stats Plugin

PHP Version Update in CPANEL

Search for Select PHP Version

  • Go to Options
  • Select the latest version which is available
  • Click Set as current
  • Increase memory_limit as much as possible
  • Increase as your requirement, if anything need to increase, like upload_max_filesize or max_execution_time etc.
  • Go to Extensions
  • Enable this list of extensions (zip, imagick, gd)

Compression in CPANEL

Search for Optimize Website

  • Open it
  • Select the Compress All Content
  • Click Update Settings

Speed Optimization Technique With Plugins

Enable WebP Image Format
Install this Plugin WebP Express
After activating this plugin >
Go to setting > Click WebP Express > Click Save Setting

Enable Swap Google Fonts Display
Install this Plugin Swap Google Fonts Display
Just activate the plugin

Install this Plugin Autoptimize
Just activate the plugin

Cleanup Database
Install this Plugin Advanced Database Cleaner
Just activate the plugin
Install this Plugin WP-Optimize – Cache, Clean, Compress
Just activate the plugin

Optimize Images
Install this Plugin Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images
Just activate the plugin
Install this Plugin Disable Bulk Smush Limit of WP Smushit
Just activate the plugin

CDN Content Delivery Network

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. For understand CDN how work, we can see this image:

Speed Optimization with Cloudflare Technique

Cloudflare is a popular Content Delivery Network (CDN). It has free services also. So we can add Cloudflare to our website, it will use CDN technique and boost the website speed.

Cloudflare also increases the security level of a website, reducing bandwidth usage. They have also AutoMinify technique.

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