WordPress Function and There Work

language_attributes(); – echo the lang with value

wp_site_icon() – echo the site icon meta tag

wp_head() – it’s should put end before head

body_class() – echo the required class for body, also unique class for single pages.

wp_footer() – it’s should put end before body

get_template_part() – use for include a template part

get_search_form() – echo the search form

get_site_icon_url()   –  return site icon url

wp_site_icon() – echo the site icon meta tag

the_custom_logo() – echo the logo img

the_title() – echo post title

the_content() – echo post content

the_excerpt() – echo post excerpt

the_permalink() – echo post url

the_post_thumbnail() – echo post image

the_posts_pagination() – echo the post pagination

comments_template() – echo the comments form if no template for comment, if have comment template, then show it.
wp_loginout() – echo the logout button (anchor tag)
wp_logout_url() – return the logout url
wp_login_url() – return the login url
wp_login_form() – echo the login form
wp_lostpassword_url() – return the forgot password link
wp_register() – if logout  + registration enable  =  echo registration link -, if login  echo dashboard url login
bloginfo() – echo Site Title
bloginfo(‘name’) – echo Site Title
bloginfo(‘description’) – echo Tagline
bloginfo(‘wpurl’) –  echo location where wordpress installed
bloginfo(‘url’) –  echo site url
bloginfo(‘admin_email’) –  echo admin email
bloginfo(‘charset’)  –  echo charset
bloginfo(‘version’) – echo wordpress version
bloginfo(‘html_type’) – echo html type like text html or xhtml
bloginfo(‘text_direction’) – echo text direction
bloginfo(‘language’) – echo site language
bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’) – echo stylesheet uri
bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’) – echo stylesheet directory – root folder
bloginfo(‘template_url’) – echo current template url
bloginfo(‘template_directory’) – echo current template directory
bloginfo(‘pingback_url’) – echo pingback url like – domain/xmlrpc.php
bloginfo(‘atom_url’) – domain/feed/atom/
bloginfo(‘rdf_url’) – domain/feed/rdf/
bloginfo(‘rss_url’) – domain/feed/rss/
bloginfo(‘rss2_url’) – domain/feed/
bloginfo(‘comments_atom_url’) – domain/comments/feed/atom/
bloginfo(‘comments_rss2_url’) – domain/comments/feed/
bloginfo(‘siteurl’) – domain/test
bloginfo(‘home’) – domain/test

comment_form() – echo the comment form

wp_list_comments() – echo the list of comment