Decrypt WordPress Password 2024

WordPress is the most popular CMS. There are almost 45% of websites created with WordPress in the world. So I think WordPress is a giant in the Web Application field. So if we lost the WP password. Then we think how decrypt wordpress password?

Sometime, we have lost our access in our WordPress website, also forgot the password. This time there are several ways to change the password, or recover the password. Let’s discuss simple ways but working smoothly. 

Reset with WP-ADMIN

We can reset the password from the admin page, you will see an option called “Lost Your Password?”. But this way will work if email notification is work. 

decrypt wordpress password reset

If you have login on the database, you will the encrypted password on the database. If you want to decrypt it, you should use this link , after opening this website we need to put the encrypted password, and it’s will reverse the encrypted password and return the reverse form of the password. That means you can decrypt the wordpress password. 

Reset with new password

For reset with new password, you need to go the database, and click on the password edit. Then you will get encrypted password, delete it, write a new and choose the md5 format. Then save it.

Hope, now you are ready to decrypt wordpress password.

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