Emerging internet technology in Bangladesh (Threats in last Five years)

Internet technology is an interaction, also the combination between communication and information-related technologies. Internet technology consists of internet-based systems, devices, cloud, mobile, and web-based technologies. Nowadays, internet technology is everywhere. All things are connected with this internet, this connection sometimes happens directly and sometimes indirectly. For this generation, the internet is a fundamental requirement. From the KEPIOS statistics, we see that 12.9% of people use the internet in 2019. But now, in 2022 internet users is 31.5%. So, it’s clearly visible that now internet technology is the fastest growing technology in Bangladesh.

Growth Rate of Internet User’s in Bangladesh:


The First internet was legalized in Bangladesh in the 1990s. After 6 years, at 4 June 1996 internet use start This time internet connection was established by the Dial-Up connection system. Within half month the Grameen CyberNet start to give internet connection service. This time internet connection charge approximately 2Tk per kilobytes. 

After 16 years, on October 14, 2012, Bangladesh finally get 3G Internet Service. Then internet technology growth rates become faster. Then after 6 years in 2018, on February 19, Bangladesh enters the 4G era. This time internet users almost 12.9% according to the World Bank statistics.

Now the user’s statistics is 31.5%. Also, Bangladesh is prepared for the next 5G internet technologies.

Threats in the last five years in Bangladesh with Internet Technologies:

There is no doubt, that internet technologies are becoming popular. Day by day new people entering these technologies.  The Internet makes our life easier, with the internet people easily get access to all information all over the world. So, all technologies are tried to engage with the internet. But there are many threats 

working behind this internet technology in Bangladesh. Here we list out the threats that happen in the last five years:

Hackers stole $81 million from Bangladesh:

This incident is one of the big incidents in Bangladesh. The BBC investigation says that the attack happened between February 4-7, 2016. The stolen amount was around $81 million. This amount stole from Bangladesh’s central bank account. 

Three banks hit by Cyberattacks:

Bangladesh Banks says that hackers steal a minimum $3m from cash machines. This occurs in May 2022. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) was the biggest victim in these cyberattacks, losing as much as $3 million (around Tk 25 crore). Others two bank is NCC Bank and Prime Bank. 

9 DBBL ATMs victims of Cyberattacks:

The Dutch Bangla Bank Limited reported that thieves attacked two of their ATM booths, 16 lakh TK was stolen from these booths. 

Investigators suspect that the hackers might have stolen money from ATMs of other private banks as well.

Ecommerce Thread:

With growing the internet technology, now e-commerce also growing faster. But there are a lot of fake e-commerce organizations creating, they are making frauds with customers. This is a big issue in the e-commerce industry. Meantime, also some popular e-commerce industry making fraud with delivery delays. Evaly, Sirajganj Shop likes this shop made a thread on the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh.

Mobile Banking Threads:

Mobile banking technology is another modern internet technology. There are many MFS (Mobile Financial Service) providers that are starting their service in Bangladesh. One of the leading MFS services is Bkash. But initially, they face cyber threat problems. Like unusual activity, unauthorized account creating. This fraud issue makes money laundering and illegal transaction. Recently Bangladesh Bank made a transaction limit on MFS services. Also, they recommended making all transection record with the collection of proper information from the consumer. 

Bangladesh Railway’s Technological Issues and Threads:

Bangladesh Railway’s connected with a new E-Ticketing platform called Shohoz. But railway customer-facing many issues with this platform. Like people buy a ticket, paid the money but the ticket does not come, a refund takes a long time. Also, some people are able to buy tickets without paying. This type of issue is creating a thread in Bangladesh railways. 

Pornography Threads:

Internet becoming popular, so children and underage people easily get access to pornography. It’s increasing sexual harassment, addiction, aggression, and distorted mentality. So it’s high time to make awareness about it.

Social Media Illegal Uses:

Day by day social media becoming popular in Bangladesh. Some people also treat social media as the internet. So a majority of people are connected on social media. But illegal use of this social media arises from cyber threats. A few examples are rumors one of the big issues of social media issues, also cyberbullying, and privacy important issues. A real example of social media rumors attack is the Ramu Buddhist temple attack (2012), and the communal violence attack at Durga Puja (2021). All this happened due to the illegal use of social media. 


Internet technology has advantages and disadvantages both. But if we use it for legal, use it benefits us, then internet technology will be making advantage for us. Also, we need to know how to use this internet properly. We should control internet use from our children. Proper internet education is also needed for internet use. Proper internet using is make us safe on the internet. 


All data is collected from different sources on the internet. Most of the data is collected from World Bank statistics, Wikipedia, and the Business Inspections Website.

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