What is the Difference Between Love and Like

Love and like are two important feelings in our emotions. But if you ask what is the difference between love and like then reply will be –  the difference between love and like is “Love is strong and permanent feelings, on the other hand like or attraction is not permanent, it’s changeable, sometimes misleading, confusing and also it changes with vary to time and situation. 

love and like difference

One day a man went to a garden and saw a rose. The rose was so beautiful and attractive that’s why he wants to pluck it from the garden. So when he went in front of the rose tree to pick the rose, the gardener came and said, “Hello, Do you want to pluck this beautiful rose from the tree? Please, Don’t do that. Let the flower stay on the tree; look how beautiful it looks. Then the man realized his mistake and apologized to the gardener.

Here are the two scenarios we see. One is love, and another is called like or attraction. The gardener loves the rose; on the other hand, the man feels like or attraction. 

This is an example of the difference between love and like. There are many differences between love and like, but the differences are subtle. So maximum time we mixed the love and like. But It shouldn’t be. So let’s find out the difference, it’s will help you to identify which one is love or which one is just like/attraction.

What is the Difference Between Love and Like

Table view

Love is permanent feelings.Like is not permanent feelings, it’s can change anytime.
Love is unconditional.Like is conditional.
Loving someone it’s not happened overnight.Like to someone can happen in the first impression.
Love is strong feelings and happiness. Like or attraction is weak than love.
Love can not be changed based on the situation.Like can change anytime in any situation.
Beauty does not matter in love.Beauty is one of the major things which create attraction.
No physical or external demand in love.Maximum thing is physical or external demand on like or attraction.
In every love like or attraction must.Not every like or attraction have love.

The difference between like love and in love
Brief view

love and attraction

If you like someone that’s mean you always want he will make you happy. But if you love, then you will try to make him happy always.

Like mean you feel him externally, on body or beauty. But love means you feel him/her from your heart. 

When you like others, that’s means you want beauty, power only, but when you love, you want feelings, emotions, and care.

I love you
“I love you” it’s only three words for an attraction. But when you love someone, it’s the feeling for you. For a love, it’s less important to tell him that’s you love him. It’s important to understand him with your work. That’s not doing in like or attraction.

Love someone meaning you will stay with him in every type of situation, it’s good or bad, nothing matters. But in like/attraction, you will not stay with him in every situation. 

What is the Difference Between Love and attraction

Attraction or like seeker wants a perfect man, but when you love, you will accept him with his fault, mistake or anything. 

If you did not feel his sorrow or sadness, that’s mean you just like him. In love, you will feel his sorrow, happiness everything. 

Give up
In attraction, people left their partner very quickly, they have no patience. Another hand, when you will love someone, you can’t leave him.

Love is always trying to give his partner, attraction is wanting, not want to give. 

Love is unconditional, but like or attraction to someone is conditional, sometimes suspicious.

Replace and Value
In attraction or like, you can find some better one, but in love he or she is invaluable

When you like, you always think “if she or he leaves me, What will happen to me?”. But if you love him then you will feel happy to stay with him being live. 

When you talk, if you search a topic to say him/her, that is the like or attraction. But in love you make a conversation without speech something. 

If you can tell why you love, then it’s the attraction or like. But in love, no one can’t talk how or why he loves.

If your partner does not miss you in a busy time, it’s an attraction. Cause in love he will miss you, it’s doesn’t matter that free or busy time.

Attraction is just searching for sex, but love is feelings.

Liking someone is selfish because he thinks of his own side only. But loving teach both sides to think.

Moreover, from the attraction love is born. If we think the love as a tree, then like or attraction is the leaf and Love is its root. Because leaf falls but not love.

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