Top 10 numbers from 1 to 10

Which top 10 numbers from 1 to 10? If you ask someone, the answer will be different for each person.  So at first, I will tell you some tricks to find out the top 10 numbers from 1 to 10. Then I will share personal top 10 numbers from 1 to 10.

First of all, I share the ignoring method.

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Between 1 and 10

Find it with your history: 

Some number is all-time bad luck for you. Are you detect it? If yes, you should leave it and avoid this number. If possible ignore the besides number also. Like if your detected number is 5, then ignore the 6 and 7 also.

Find it with your family history: 

Some people have also scare family history with an exact number. So if you have something like this, you should also ignore this type of number.

Find it if you don’t like it:

If you not like a number, you should obviously ignore it. 

So next step, how can we choose a number then? Let’s see the method:

Find it with your history:  Yeah, it’s the same method as ignoring. If you have any previous good history with a number, you can choose this number.

Find it with your family history: Have your family any good history with a number? Like on a date, something good happening! So you can choose this number for yourself. Hope it’s also brings something good for you.

Find it if you like it: If you like some exact number, you can choose this. Because we should give priority to our choice. 

Find it with your name character length: If anything you can’t decide, then you can choose a number with a name character number. Like if your name is JOHN, you can choose the number 4. Because in your name have four characters.

Pick your number with some knowledge I know:

At first, I believe every number is best between 1 to 10. Why? Cause all time we searching for the top 10. So 1 to 10 all are best I think.

Then if you want to know the best 10 number with sort, then I will

10 (TEN): 10 is the start of any big number, just place Zero after 10 and see the power.

3 (Three): 3 is a magical number I think. We always try to do tasks at least 3 before done it. 

7 (Seven): It’s called the lucky number. Every week have seven days.

1 (One): Number One? Which is number one? So One is the top-level number I think. 

4 (Four): Even number, and it’s if you sum between two 2 😀 The result will be four. Amazing I think. Also if you multiply between two 2  or sum between two 2, result in same.

6 (Six): Cricket lovers always love six. I think it’s special, it’s can divide by two, result will be three, how beautiful!

9 (Nine): Little charming number I think.

2 (Two): Simple number, but powerful I think. Why? Every even number is divisible by two. 

8 (Eight): This is simple but beautiful. 

5 (Five): Five is a little bit separate as I think. Not beautiful for me.

So comment, which one you like now? 

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