Upwork History

Upwork’s history can be broken down into three main stages:

Early Days (1998-2013):

  • 1998: Two companies, Elance and oDesk, are founded on opposite sides of the world: Elance in the US and oDesk in Greece.
  • 2003-2013: Both platforms grow independently, offering similar services for connecting businesses with freelance talent.

Merger and Rebranding (2013-2015):

  • 2013: Elance and oDesk merge to form Elance-oDesk, aiming to create a larger and more diverse talent pool.
  • 2015: Elance-oDesk rebrands as Upwork, signifying a new era for the combined platform.

Modern Upwork (2015-Present):

  • Continuous growth: Upwork expands its user base, adds new features, and refines its platform to better serve both businesses and freelancers.
  • Focus on security and trust: Upwork invests in measures to protect users from scams and fraud, building trust and confidence in the platform.
  • Innovation: Upwork introduces new tools and resources to help users find success, such as advanced search, talent assessments, and project management tools.

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